GameStop short squeeze

Seems somewhat staged to. Too many coincidences.

Fake or not, it is interesting that he invests 2 millions of the gains in real estate and reinvests 5 thousands in the stock exchange.

And the ugly part. Sad story

It is very sad indeed. Someone in his position should not be able to rack up losses of 730k. The infamous “GUH” moment by u/ControltheNarrative was at a loss of 48k and everyone thought Robinhood adressed this type of overleveraging back then. It does not look like too much has changed sadly.

He did not, in fact.


This has nothing to do with Gamestop, it happened in June 2020 afaik.

I‘m implying that this will haven happened with the gamestop thing as well. Food for thought. Not all are winners in this.

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The difference between a daily implementation and a index implementation for small cap value stock:

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I think I read/heard a while ago that it is better to implement the small cap (value) approach via active management (as opposed to standard, more “passive”, indexing).
This is one case in point towards that side.
Thanks for sharing.

I’ll probably switch my SLYV for AVUV+DV these days.


Why is this sad, really?

I actually thought that watching people lose was the most entertaining part. Especially those who lost money they borrowed. Stupid people are all around us, nothing new here. The real circus was watching such a high density of gullible people do the same stupid thing all at once.

You thought wrong. You got it all wrong actually.


(Naked) short selling a stock or (naked) selling a call option is bound to a potential infinite loss - that’s not a “hole in the system”, that’s just plain market mechanics! As this (tiny) risk is as well priced in the premium / interest one receives in short selling, I feel no regret for anyone if the risk is actually going to materialize!

I’m in for more transparency, though! E.g. report the short interest on a daily basis - thus, premiums, interest rates or margin requirements will adjust accordingly and automatically IMHO

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Roaring Kitty has a wikipedia page now Keith Gill (investor) - Wikipedia

Ok what the heck is happening again? A new gamma squeeze? GME went from ~$45 to $90 today.


Currently post market 172!

DFV doubled down

And this… this is pure art :smiley:


So…I’m still sort of in this game…Remember the covered call I had? It’s still effective because the expiration is in April.

It’s the April 16’21 55C. Due to the January volatility the call was ridiculously expensive so I didn’t buy it back and close the position. Yesterday at close the call had rocketed together with the stock and today it will catch up on the after/premarket price. So right now I have 100 shares worth ~14k blocked by the call and I’m witnessing the same bitter-ish fomo again. :grinning: I got those shares for $37 a piece so they have been profitable this entire time.

I also sold a March $40 put not long ago. With the price action yesterday and today I can probably close the put with a nice profit.


I am still diamond handing my 75 shares from my initial purchase - Zeus/Odin/Shiva himself will have to pry these out of my cold dead hands. I am never selling :wink: