Future wealth projection tool - any ideas?

Hey Friends,
I’m looking for a tool where I can put in my today’s key figures and some assumptions about the future developments of these figures such as salary, interest rates, loans, real estate value, etc. The tool or service then should project what my wealth situation is in a year or in 5 or 10 years. By then f.e. bank loans should be paid back and the income from real estate should go directly into my income. Or shares might have grown by 5% annually and dividends have been paid regularly… So how will this all sum up and how would my balance then look like…?
Any ideas?

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How good are you with spreadsheets? I made my own spreadsheet & I enjoy its flexibility over an app or other tool.
Each line is a year and many columns which show the amount in/out that year - salary, krankenkasse, dividends. In the current year I know the numbers, for future years they have individual average increases p.a. (salary 1%, inflation 0.5%, krankenkasse 4%, dividend income 3% of stocks held at year-end etc).
If you go for a spreadsheet, start simple & try make it easily expandable.


Thanks a bunch!
I’m good with spreadsheets. And this is what I’m going to do unless someone comes up with the Swiss army knife tool or app that satisfies my requirements :wink:


I am using just gsheets (or Excel, whatever) combined with the Sparkassenformel for savings and expected returns (assume anything between 5-10% after inflation)

Since you have some bank loans, a bit more complicated, but nothing overly difficult

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Thanks! Did it in Excel now :wink:

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