Freezing GA during social isolation

Hello, did anyone try to freeze their GA/ or other memberships during social isolation?

It seems this thing is going to take longer, I have not been using public transport or fitness membership since 2-3 weeks now, and I thought maybe there is a mechanism to freeze the membership or even cancel it if we are at home for more than 2-3 months?

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Yes it’s possible for GA, I read it somewhere online.
Here some info:

Freezing your gym abo, srsly?

Do you want to have gyms after this is over? If so, don’t freeze your abo.

At Activ fitness, they froze it for everyone

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Note that it’s always been possible to deposit your GA for up to 30 days, the only thing that changed is that you can now send them the request via a web-form rather than having to call them (the form is not instant, it takes days for them to confirm it but it seems you could backdate it (worked for me)).

Also, note that you can deposit you GA for a minimum of 5 days, that means if you don’t count the deposit days in advance you might end up with 26-27-28-29 deposited days and then you’ve basically lost your 1-4 days and there’s nothing they’ll do about it.

“deposit” is what they call “freezing the card”.

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