Forgot to take money from Postomat (using Revolut)

So it happened. The day I feel old. I went to Postfinance postomat half-asleep, I put my revolut card, wanted to take out 80 chf, I thought I forgot to unlock ATM transition so started fiddling around in the App while the postomat did spit out the card (which I took) and the Money (which I did not notice and didn’t took) so the ATM reingested the money after 30 seconds.

But I still have a negative outgoing position on Revolut. I guss it takes time to transfer the money back to revolut. I couldn’t find anything in the Revolut FAQ or Forum and I could not post there in the community.

Does anybody has had similar experience maybe with other banks/credit cards? How long does it takes?
I put myself a notification in one month to check again and see if it was canceled. Hopefullly it will happen sooner.

Sorry about your temporary loss. You’ll get your money back once Postfinance checks the ATM and find out who left the money. I have no idea how much time it will cost though.

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Happened to me once as well… The only difference being that I used a Postcard on the postomat. They refunded without charge in that case.

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I’m picturing in my mind something funny… I didn’t realize the post-debitcard is called postcard in english ahahah


It’s the secret trick to free money :wink:

10 days later the money is still not back - I will maybe start investigating with revolut

after finally getting somebody physically on the chat (hint: type: “Live Agent” to skip the annoying bot) the 29th of March, I got today the final confirmation that my dispute is resolved and the 80 chf are permanently in my account.
To be faire with revolut, they immediately credited the 80 chf the 29th after I opened the case. But they were a provisory credit. Now two months after forgetting the money all is solved.

Just typing in so that in the future somebody else can read that it takes up to two months.


I’m curious: is the ATM not beeping loudly when it spits out the card and then cash? BEEP BEEP BEEP. You had to be really absent-minded in that moment! Happens to the best of us :slight_smile: . Reminds me of the rare occasions when I’m scared shitless looking over my pockets for my phone, while holding it in my hand… :man_facepalming:

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Where are my glasses? While :nerd_face:


as I said, after the postomat spat out the card (before the money) I thought it had refused my transaction because I blocked ATM withdrawal in Revolut’ app. So I was frantically scrolling through menus and didn’t look back to the card…It actually made noises but only after it eat back the money :smiley:

I thought it’s always card first, then the money… At least in Switzerland, in South America it was the other way around, I took the money and forgot the card… Even worse :slight_smile: didn’t even notice until I thought I was pickpocket :man_facepalming:

Yes that’s the usual design. A UX designer told me once that you’re more likely to forget the card rather than the money and that’s why you need to take the card out first in order to get the money. That is, unless you’re like @Grog:smiley:

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