FlowBank, new Swiss Bank/Broker Solution?

Makes sense.

Actually I feel a bit sad because soon I’ll be creating an actively managed satellite portfolio and would need a broker for that. It would be so nice if there will be finally a Swiss broker with acceptable fees out there but it seems I need to resort to IB or Degiro for that.

Why not using IB as operating account and transfer e.g. every 150k to SwissQuote? The max you are paying is CHF 200 p.a., since it is only a buy and hold portfolio.

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He’s a f*cking joke, unbelivable :joy:
Will definitely never open an account there, that’s for sure.


This is a bit sad for a « junior sales & marketing » employee to make a mistake like this… anyway.

He should have communicate about their dropping fees, or at least their minimum fees. Some month ago, if you wanted to trade equity or ETF in Switzerland or USA, it cost you a minimum of 20 CHF or 25 USD, now it’s 6.50 CHF or 6.50 USD, quite an improvement, still expensive in comparison of IB or Degiro :slight_smile:

Disclaimer, I don’t use their platform but hope they will shake a bit the broker industry in Switzerland, if SQ don’t drop their fees before :slight_smile:

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Plot twist: what if this move was made by competition (hence the mistake of putting the real name in the profile) and the poor fellow has no idea of what has happened? Maybe someone should reach out to him on LinkedIn :sweat_smile:

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It is a possibility but he deleted his post and removed hist firstname lastname from his profile so my hypothesis is that he is now trying to hide himself in order not to get a bad reputation and hopes that his managers will never hear about this :wink:


Even if that was the case, it’d be enough for me not to go into business with them.

If these posts came from them: Shame.
If they are in a market segment where this is how their competitors act: I don’t want to be their target audience.

I’d say: let the man live. I would not like him to lose his job because he tried to make some fake word of mouth. 99% of the time it goes undetected and unpunished.

What do you think, should we help him out and clean up this mess or at least remove his name from the posts?

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Yes, I would remove his name, the LinkedIn screenshots, and his job title from the posts. The other stuff I think it’s okay to leave as it is.


Any publicity is good publicity.

MP forum are quite high on Google’s preference…

OK I guess I’ve cleaned up all personally identifiable information. GDPR creators would be proud :smiley:

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Nah, they would still complain about the missing cookie banner that pops up every time you load the site, and the functionality where you can choose which cookie you want to accept or not. :joy:


FYI, in the change history of this comment, you still find the link to their linkedin account, I wonder if you can nuke the change history.

How about now? Still visible?

Looks good, can’t access any info

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