Floor renovation

Hi fellow mustachians

I’m thinking about changing the flooring in large parts of our upstairs apartment. Right now its old carpet from the 80ies which definitely have run its course. The total surface is around 35m2 plus one room that is approx 15m2. Its an old wooden chalet and the floor is definitely not 100% even.

I have watched a ton of youtube videos on how to DIY with click floors with different materials. They do say you need to level the foundation of the floor first, with this liquid cement etc. I’m not so confident on the cement part but I do think I could do the click floors or even PVC mat or similar myself. We have kids and a dog so it needs to be something durable and easy to clean and well priced!

My questions are the following:

  1. What floor material would you recommend?
  2. What are absolute must have’s/do’s: levelling, insulation, noise reduction material etc.?
  3. Anything else to keep in mind?


To my opinion cement and wood never make a good mix. I do not know how uneven your floor is but it is something you have a bit to accept to live with in a wooden house.
After all the carpet was not such a bad solution, it accomodates all the movements of the wood.

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