Flatex : experiences

Anyone here who could share experiences with flatex (germany)? Their cost from what I extracted from their website:

  • “from” 8.27 EUR per Xetra trade (not sure what ‘from’ means, but they explicitly don’t say the xetra/external fee is flat, so would want to know more first)
  • generally no custody/account fee but they have an asterisk warning about “Auslagen und Nebenkosten”
  • 15.90 EUR outgoing money transfer to Switzerland
  • around 0.36% fee for CHF->EUR exchange
  • they use an “iTan” for 2FA, not exactly state of the art but it’s a start

So not sure if this is worth it as an alternative to Interactive Brokers and CH brokers - but the advantage would be to be able to buy Xetra-based ETFs for example without paying CH Stamp Duty Fee…

PS: onvista would be the other candidate for flat fee trades in Germany, but they don’t seem to accept CH clients as that’s not an option when trying to apply for an online account…