FIRE Portfolios

Interestingly, there hasn’t been much discussion about FIRE portfolio allocation on this forum. Is it because people care more about accumulation and frugalism than actual FIRE?

I’d love to hear your opinions on retirement drawdown portfolios, Safe Withdrawal Rates (SWR), research done by Early Retirement Now (ERN) and the Poor Swiss, what kind of stocks/bonds to include in classic 60/40 retirement portfolios, asset correlations, whether to include allocations to gold, real estate, different factors (momentum, value etc.), different sectors (energy, utilities, consumer staples etc.), or even crazier stuff like commodities and alternative investments (managed futures, leveraged etf etc.).

I know many of you own 100% portfolios, which makes total sense in accumulation phase. But not in decumulation (retirement drawdown phase), due to sequence of return risk (portfolio lasts less long with 100% stocks). To be clear: I’m not talking about gambling money, but long-term retirement portfolios.

But maybe this is the wrong forum to ask?


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