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I honestly find it difficult to fault him for recommending a domestic broker (rather than a foreign one). Especially if you consider his target audience, which, I think, seems to differ quite a bit from mustachianpost - and especially this forum.

For various reasons, among them language, taxation (we’ve had enough discussion about that), insurance/investor protection schemes, jurisdiction. Different (in)ability of readers to do their own due diligence on brokers and file their own tax returns. And lastly the broker’s own choice of primary target audience and learning curve for customers.

I have enough friends to whom I’d recommend Swissquote rather than send them to an foreign/offshore broker like IBKR. Not even if they’re looking for an affordable broker.

Different interface, different pricing and minimums.

Hi guys. You can find my latest blog post here: And the best Swiss canton is…

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Some small technical feedback, please come up with a logo and update that default Wordpress Favicon in your blog.

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I need some bribe money in order to not report the site to authorities in the future :smiley::wink:

Cheers. I changed it. Need to also come up with some logo for the title itself - progress over perfection :slightly_smiling_face:

I also still need to figure out why the images are looking crappy. Most probably Wordpress is doing some compression. As a workaround, I linked to the original screenshot.

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