FIRE „Documentation“ on SRF1 (NZZFormat)

Hello fellow mustachians
Today a documentation will be broadcasted on SRF 1, concerning the mustachian lifestyle. Would love to discuss about it afterwards un here.

Have a awesome day

Please do not hesitate to move the thread if it does not belong here, I did not know to which category it would fit better.


Just wanted to post the same link but you were faster :slight_smile:
Topic on Netflix ok, but Swiss telly, I am surprised. As with all trends, the bigger it gets the more it would be regulated against. Luckily as with all trends it will peak & then be forgotten by most again.


For those if you who are interested in watching it, it will remain online for a few days:

IMHO not really insightful.


Thought I’d attach this to this thread… Another FIRE @ CH article

features references to Mr MP & Poor Swiss :slight_smile:
…but also hardly insightful content for readers of the Mustachian Post.


Simply written to explain the basic concepts to “ineducated” (to the fire topic :wink:) people…
not bad imo !