FIRE documentary on 3Sat

Will air tomorrow, March 14th 2021. Not sure how much different it will be from this other documentary that aired in November 2019, though.


Thanks for sharing, will check it out.

Is this documentary somewhere online already for those who don’t have any TV and could not watch live? :upside_down_face:

I watched it, was more an introduction session into FIRE. There where three couples shown. the guys from Millenial Revolution, then some former business owners which ended up in Penang Island (aparently rather low cost, e.g. 2500 USD for two people) and a Swiss couple who retired at 50 in Thailand in a FIRE community.
Mostly gave me ideas for places to visit or to assess for potential FIRE.


We watched it as well and felt sometimes uncomfortable with the given perspective :
3 couples, but no one (or no singles) with children
No mention of the possible future challenges, eg how will these people handle health issues related to age (or not) when living abroad ? Will they come back to their home country to benefit from the local health insurance system after many years not contributing in its own country?
We had the feeling the 2 oldest couples did not want to integrate at all, just taking advantage of the low cost living country they now live in, having contacts only with expats


Agree, just watched it too and like most of TV pseudo-documentary it is more show than anything else. Somehow it feels disconnected from the reality where only positive aspects and the easy parts or benefits are shown. Still sort of entertaining including nice destinations :stuck_out_tongue:

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