Finpension opens second Instance

finpension just announced that they opened a second Instance such that the can receive both parts in case you split your employer’s pension fund funds

How convenient :smiley:

This really feels like they are in touch with their fans… on a dicy topic


Good move on Finpension’s part.

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Dont really see the benefit. Before you just opened the second one at a different provider, which was usually anyway temporarily;)


same as with pillae 3a splitting: optimization of Kapitalbezugssteuer by cashing out smaller chunks instead of a big one

Obviously it’s only a benefit as long as Finpension is the most affordable. If that remains the case, you can get the favorable conditions for all your vested benefits, instead of just half of them (assuming you want to split them).

For people who work in Switzerland and then move to an EFTA or EU country, their Swiss vested benefits are generally locked up in a Swiss vested benefits foundation until they retire (unless they withdraw early for a house, etc.). Over say, 20 years, the lower investment costs can make a big difference. That also applies to people who move to non-EU/EFTA countries who decide to leave their vested benefits in Switzerland for whatever reason. Also housewives/husbands after a divorce, etc.

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Fair point, didnt consider that.

Thanks fo the detailed input!