Finances in marriage

Hi guys
I just got married (without prenap), and am now looking in how to best organize our finances. I have saved and invested a few 100k since I started working 8 years ago after finishing my studies, and I have my portfolio on IB. Also, I am not yet farming only VT (like I probably should), but writing monthly covered calls, since I still believe one can slightly outperform the market long term, like the guy on
However, it is quite some effort and can be emotionally challenging. I might switch to farming VT at the end of 2023 if my performance is lower than VT after all.

We are also expecting a child later this year, which will change our financial dynamics as well. My wife will reduce to 60%, and I ll keep working a 100%, since I cannot reduce right now and make significantly more than her (also if one compares both working 100%).

She also has some assets on IB, so we both already have some funds that we bring into the marriage.

In case of things not working out, I know that one keeps whatever he / she brought into the marriage (law in switzerland).

Also, I would like to streamline our finances a bit, therefore I thought of creating a new account on IB for both of us, where we can invest all our newly earned money together from now on (probably farming VT). That would mean we have our assets from before the marriage separately, which would also be nice somehow.

Now my questions for the wed guys in here:

How are you organized with your partners financially?
Do you still manage funds individually?

What’s farming?
(Probably some gamer lingo? :sweat_smile:)


Just accumulating VT: investing funds like on a monthly basis into a world etf.

In CHF, not in number of shares. All dividends and (unrealised) capital gains will be split should it be necessary

I don’t think this is accurate. Yes, dividends are split, however, shares you brought into the marriage still belong to you, including (unrealized) capital gains. Random webpage that confirms this: Errungenschaftsbeteiligung § Ehevertrag, Erben & mehr

Oh, you are right, your original shares are yours, only the new shares that you buy with the dividends are not. My main point is that he should not forgot that his account with “his” shares will not be 100% his.

Yes, I am aware. I did not mean shares, rather the total value of CHF that my portfolio had until I married. I think capgains and dividends of that portfolio will always be mine, no matter what.

No, it is not the case for the dividends (art. 197 al. ch. 4 CC/ZGB)

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