Few questions about taxes (VD)


I’m still working on declaring my taxes for the first time after moving to Switzerland ;). I got some new questions:

  1. What to do if I cannot find my stocks listed here: https://www.ictax.admin.ch/extern/en.html#/ratelist/2018. I have some stocks in Poland, which are missing there…
  2. Should all pension-related assets (e.g. 2nd pillar, 3rd pillar) be declared somewhere (for the calculation of fortune tax)?
  3. What about some foreign pension assets? E.g. in Poland I have special account called IKE, IKZE, which in my case are brokerage accounts. Should I declare the shares hold on those accounts?

And additional one in the meantime: what to do with money put in:

  1. Brokerage accounts.
  2. Revolut or other similar services (e.g. online exchange websites).

Should it be declared as cash?

Do not forget that you can ask the tax people directly.

If you can’t find something in ictax, just write it by hand.

Put them in. Just use the data from your Broker / Polish source and state what the source is for the tax office.

2nd Pillar and 3a are not declared, they do not count towards Wealth Tax. 3b assets have to be listed.

All your holdings outside of 2/3a Pillar have to be declared.

Generally speaking all accounts have to be declared including Cryptocurrencies. There is an exemption that e.g. Prepaid Cards don’t have to be declared if there is only an amount on it for your “own consumption”. I do not declare Revolut as I believe this falls under that rule for me as I only load on it what I use within the next few days/weeks.

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many thanks!

This IKE/IKZE in Poland are kind of similar to 3rd pillar in CH. That’s why I thought that maybe I can omit them in the declaration. Perhaps some Polish colleagues can let me know how they do it?

“Foreign old-age pensions are taxed differently depending on whether they are comparable to Swiss pension funds or not. This will be decided by the tax office.”
Source: https://www.moneyland.ch/en/forum/taxes-on-foreign-pensions-in-switzerland-3236

So I would contact your tax office. As the tax offices might decide differently on this.

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I am in GE (not VD), and use an accountant to help me with taxes, and one year they put IKE/IKZE on the list, and for the next year declaration they removed IKE/IKZE accounts completely from the account list (wealth declaration) with a comment that’s a 3rd Pillar-like account in PL.

I suppose the best would be to ask the tax office by e-mail - you would get an answer “in writing” this way.

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