F10 Fintech Hackathon

anyone interested in setting up a team for the https://www.f10.ch/events/f10-fintech-hackathon-zurich/ hackathon?
I’ll be there - but i have zero insights into current problems & trends in finance. how about a mustachioid team? :smiley:

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What’s it like? Sounds like an opportunity to do some unpaid work for sponsors in exchange for pizzas.

No production ready code comes out of such hackathons. It’s just for the fun or trying out unconventional ideas… and maybe finding one that works.

Haha - not sure if they have Pizza’s, but to cover that stereotype maybe yes.

Correct - it is more like “unconventional ideas” meets “corporate”. It is a good chance to network and learn from other entrepreneurs. F10 is created like a flexible Google Lab within the usual strict SIX Group corporate world. If you are into programming and have some ideas, definitely worth a try.

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I am a software engineer, but have never been to such a hackathon because I don’t see myself creating even a little project that fast… How does this usually work out? I imagine there are people that already have some small pet project, and other people can join to add features on it?

You can participate with or without an idea. Of course there will be also teams already well prepared and looking for funding. It is a good experience and you can only win by participating.

Looked up the Hackathon 2019 and found those information:

I don’t understand the concept: do you work for free for for-profit company on their challenges? or do you work on your own idea as a new startup?

I think the “startup weekend” is a better concept as you will work for your project.

It seems fun, if my wife will let me I might try this :slight_smile:
Do you know how “mandatory immersive” the thing is?
I mean… is the full attendance required, or one can skip something?

I do not know this for sure, but I doubt this. There is a selection process and pretty sure skipping 50% would be the no-go in this process. But in the link below under “requests”, you will find a contact person which will answer you all the questions.

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