Experience with Strateo?

Hey guys,
does anyone have any experience with the Swiss platform Strateo?
I plan to invest basically in the MSCI World index hedged back to CHF (IWDC) and on that platform it is offered as “ETF Leaders”, which means that the purchase price is very low and it only costs 7CHF per transaction (regardless of the amount).
So for my personal inv. strategy this seems quite interesting and the platform itself seems nice from a user interface experience.

Any experiences, recommendations, advices in regards to Strateo?

Don’t underestimate the custody fee at 0.02%/35CHF per quarter.
That willmost likely be the bigger cost driver if you mostly do buy and hold.


I don’k know Strateo but you can use DeGiro.
If you need more info I opened a Degiro account 1 month ago.


Yes thats true and fair enough. Surely after a while IB is cheaper

Great, thanks a lot. In case I decide to go to Degiro, I will let you know

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I had it, and the platform was not good (in 2015-2016), I had some stocks and could not put stop loss in some stocks due to lack of functionality, ridiculous, I contacted them, they confirm it and I closed my account.

I’m with Strateo and I’m not all too excited about them. They get the job done but I’d not start over with them, if I’d start to invest now. If it has to be a Swiss broker I’d go Swissquote and otherwide Degiro or IB.

Im on a waiting list for Degiro. Seems a lot of people have been waiting weeks to open an account. Does make me worry about its customer service/ its set up in the future so not sure I will go ahead even if they do get back in contact.

Other brokers are not having the same issue. Or not as bad anyway. IB seems to be fine.

An interesting post about Degiro’s customer service in general: https://www.reddit.com/r/EuropeFIRE/comments/6j50yz/brokers_you_get_what_you_pay_for/

Thanks for that, is that right that the Compensation scheme is only 20k? Its a 2 year old story but I did a quick google and I think the limits are still the same.

If that’s true, then my idea to split up my investments over different brokers is pointless with Degiro. IM not one to really stress over things like that, but I would expect at least the same level as other countries.

Maybe I have missed something.

Yes, it’s still 20k (https://brokerchooser.com/broker-reviews/degiro-review#review-part-safety).

Personally, I opted for IB even though I don’t have 100k for the moment. I’d rather pay $10 a month (since I don’t have 100k there yet) to have my money in good hands than to worry about what could happen next.

Maybe my fears are baseless, but staying in a queue for more than 7 weeks is, IMHO, not a very good sign while it only takes a day or two to open an account at IB’s.

I can share these “fears”. The more I accumulate, the more I ask myself if the money would be safe in case xyz happens.
Currently I am completely out of stocks (since end of Feb…yep, I missed now the nice rally in April…shame on me that I didnt stick to it and further bought and DCA).
This means that I have cash sitting at my broker and to be honest, I am not feeling 100% comfortable with this (My broker is Strateo btw).
If I do not plan to invest back into stocks any time soon (as I have the “feeling” that things will go south soon - yep, apparently I am a market timer and I am not proud of that), should I transfer everything except for the “secured” 100k to UBS, hoping that if shit hits the fan, UBS would be fine and that I would be always able to get to my money?
Anyone else having this “fear” or am I just paranoid?:wink:

I agree Pablo. Im happy for the Degiro cheap costs but 20k maximum and the terrible service now trying to register has put me off. Im going to either IB or a Swiss broker and take the hit on the costs.