EUR Account where in ZH


I am searching an € Account, where I have the possibility to pay in my € money, which I have in cash, over an ATM. If possible with a card to pay in and take it out of the ATM. Important no fees for the card / account of course. In city of Zurich or nearby.

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That would be ZKB or Postfinance, I guess. But not for free, for sure.

I don’t think you can get a free EUR account anywhere in CH (?).

PostFinance offers CHF, EUR, USD, … accounts for 5 CHF per month (for all accounts), incl. “PostFinance Cards” in CHF / EUR with free withdraw from PostFinance ATMs - but deposit of cash via counter only

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Yuh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. As well as DKB, Revolut, N26 are also possible. But with them there is no way to deposit cash onto your account. So a free account is not a problem, it is the cash deposit that is difficult to do.

  • Free
  • Local
  • EUR cash deposit

Choose two out of three. :point_left:

It’s hard enough to get in the Eurozone itself. Though if you have a couple millions for a bank to manage for you, somebody may offer you bespoke terms, even in Zurich.


ofc, you’re right :+1: As OP is looking for “physical” / Cash interaction, I was referring
to accounts in such manner…

that sums it up nicely :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly (it’s been a while that I’ve been looking into this):

It was possible to make an EUR payment to an IBAN at a post office (the same way that one could make a cash payment to any swiss account using a red payment slip and now a QR slip). The cost was around 15 CHF.

So a possible setup would be a free Yuh account + paying in the cash at a post office.

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If you have an account with swissquote you can get a free digital creditcard and you can pay with it in EUR and other usual currencies.
All this is free if you have an account with them.

Migros Bank offers what you need. A personal CHF and EUR accounts with no fees if you maintain a balance of at least 7500 fr. And you get a debit card using which you access your EUR account on their ATMs to deposit or withdraw euros, without any fees. There are only a few branches in Zurich but it works for me. Note that if paying with the debit card, they will charge your CHF account, so use it only on their ATMs for the euro account.



  • Free
  • Zürich

is enough of a challenge already maybe

Thanks, seems a good idea.
Will check it.