Ethics: status-quo?

Yes, this is really so important to understand. This belief that consumption is important fuels all these ridiculous programs, like “tourism vouchers” in Poland for the people to spend on vacation in order to rescue the tourism business. Or keeping interest rates low and mortgage cheap in order to guarantee that everybody can buy a home.

That’s an interesting point that I somehow missed before. But I’m not entirely convinced. If you stay away from certain stocks, it will have a negative effect on their price, so it’s bad for all the shareholders. If the price is too low, the company will also not be able to raise more capital through issue of more shares. But yeah, if a company, some oil or tobacco corporation, is not missing capital, they can even buy back their own cheap shares and if there is still demand for their products, their will make great returns.

Yeah, you can act either as a customer (don’t buy that stuff, give bad reviews) or as a business. A good example can be (again) Tesla, which rivalled the whole auto industry and fossil fuel industry with its solar panels and electric cars.

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