Estate tax treaty US-Switzerland [2024]

You can read the thread. The main finding was, that you don’t have to get any ok from the US government to take all the money and leave. The US government might still want you to file taxes.

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Fair enough.

The discussion and previous threads seem competent, but all theoretical, no first-hand experience. Which is not surprising: most from older generations were much less likely to invest in stocks, let alone in US-based ETF invested by themselves via an online broker.

When getting older, I’d still be worried about the hassle my heirs might deal with and plan to get them fully informed and either switch to European assets and/or get professional advice or custody for topics like this as @ma0 suggested.


I agree. That’s the whole point. The process of actually doing all the work needs to be clear. Either via a lawyer, an accountant or rules savvy person.

I will search if there is some specific service in Zurich and how much does this cost


Sorry, I must have skipped the previous comment from you. It’s exactly what I meant.
For larger assets, I’d expect this is where wealth management with high fees comes into the game, combining investments, taxes, estate lawyer etc. But I’m far from those amounts.

Please share if you find some more tailored service

No problem.
Will share when I learn something. There has to be some reasonably priced service to manage this.

It seems following firm has offices in various cities including Zurich

I have not asked them for a quotation yet.

Another resource. How Form 706 is filled.

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Nice, thank you.

Also found a website/blog (UCITS Vs U.S. ETFs - Pros And Cons For Non-US Investors) which gives an overview about pros/cons regarding UCITS vs. US ETF.

There are not many countries, which have a tax treaty with the US:

In your linked post, Switzerland seems to have a very favourable agreement:

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