Electricity and gas price each hour

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Do you know if the price of the electricity and/or gas is the same each hour during the day? Is it cheaper during the night?

For electricity it depends on your location/contract. Very common is a two tarif system with higher price during the day and cheaper at night.


Just look it up on the website of your local provider. Private houses no choice to choose the provider.
Gas is always the same price, since there is storage capacity.

For information, electricity prices are fixed for the year, gas prices for the month.

But often you can choose your tarif plan, like unitary price or different prices for heavy load times and the rest of the day.

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Just checked, in my case all my plans have a high load/low load rate.
The difference between the plans is the electricity mix I can order. Might be different according to your local provider.

In our case, electricity is about 20% cheaper during the night (9pm to 7am). But we have very few choices with our electricity provider (Groupe E). We can only choose Green or Standard.

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Same in Geneva with SIG.

You have Peak and Off-peak hours.
Off-peak : 0h à 07h / 22h à 24h
Peak: 07h à 22h

Off-peak: 0h à 17h / 22h à 24h
Peak: 17h à 22h

Then you can choose between Standard, 20%, 40% or 100% Green.

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Yes, I remember when I lived in Z√ľrich you could chose between several options and the default was eco-power and you had to send them extra a letter that you wanted the cheaper atomic power option. Also the price was cheaper at night than during the day.

Where I live now there is only 1 option but there is also a cheaper price for the night. That’s why many people who have boilers heat it up during the night.

With GroupeE in an apartment you only have single tarif for the entire day.
In a home, with some big consumers (heat pump, EV) you may get a dual tarif system.