Early retirement, move to another country and pension fund withdrawal (pillar 2 and 3)

I have the same idea about moving to Spain so I am very interested to share knowledge. I tried to recap everything I learned here

To get the money out the best options I have been able to figure out are:

  1. move in an intermediate step to a country where the Dual Tax Agreement says the payout is taxable only in Switzerland. Refer to the comments and link in that post. For example UK, or possibly Andorra. To optimise this further you can move the 2 pillar to Schwyz before leaving

  2. Become independent before leaving CH which allows you to withdraw and pay tax at a 2nd pillar rate depending on your canton. I was told it is relatively easy to demonstrate self employment, you need to provide a couple of contracts that might only be for a day’s work each. I haven’t looked into it yet.

The risk is that by the time we end up moving, none of the above makes sense for similar reasons as you outline and we decide to swallow the Spanish tax, which means it was not a good idea have to have topped up 2nd pillar or contribute to 3rd pillar…

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