Do I have to declare VIAC stock in Swiss tax declaration?

So as the topics says: Do I have to declare VIAC stock in Swiss tax declaration?

No, pillar 3 doesn’t need to be include in your net worth, but you can deduct the amount in your income


It is as @wapiti says.

On this topic, be aware of taxes when you cash out your pillar 3a. See also here, for example.

Just as clarification:
The amount paid can be deducted (2021: CHF 6883), not net value of 3a portfolio.


… only if your 3a contributions (in total, per year) exceeded the max. contribution AND you did not reclaim the exceeding amount as ordered by your tax authorities…

E.g. for kt. BE, see (in German / French only): Säule 3a - TaxInfo - Kanton Bern (-> 3.3.)

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