DIY - customized self made stuff!

Dear all,
lets collect some badass Do It Yourself stuff you came up with!

I start with my making my own Bed. Being a frugal person I don’t have the space to deploy a kingsize bed in my shared flat room. But if someone stays over, a single bed is a little too cozy. After realizing that neither IKEA, Conforama nor other furniture vendors had what I wanted I used my basic CAD-skills to design my stackable Double-Bed featuring 90 or 180 cm width!

Since I drew it in CAD i can share te details if anybody is interested. Find here the Dimensinos:

The cost were about CHF 350 and 2-3 Days of work. The next one I’ll make will take me rather 1-1.5 days due to applied experiences from the first one^^ Of course if you want nicer wood, it gets more expensive.

A semi-decent drill press is a nice-to have for making it. And once it is finished, i perfectly hosts a Brusali drawer to store the bedding when stacked.


haha Great post @nugget We just had to decide what to do for our 2 little HdLR children’s room. Up to today each of them sleeps in a cradle. our 2 years old in a bigger IKEA cradle while our youngest (2m old) sleeps in a Chicco small cradle.

Option 1) Keep them sleeping in the same bed until they go for college… (not acceptable by Mrs. HdLR) :smile:
Option 2) Buy a new “cheap” bed for them (IKEA / Conforama (I don’t like the quality though) ) 350 CHF
Option 3) Look for some FREE beds at So… I opted for this option

We found a great and nice bed for both of our kids.
We got it for FREE!! since we had to go and pick it up. The bed was already disassembled and ready for pick up (big plus in a Tutti product) jeje

So… Either you DIY or you find a free one…

Never the less, after all, I had to transport it to our apartment and assemble it by our selfs.

Just a quick feedback!
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Congrats for your bed Nugget! It is usually highly satisfactory when we see we are able to build stuffs with our own hands :slight_smile:

To contribute to this thread, one of my vices is Hifi audio. When I was a student I could not afford to buy a top notch tube amplifier and loudspeakers, so at the time I decided to build them myself. It was very enjoyable because in the process I learned a lot, both from a theoretical point of view ( I knew nothing about tube theory beforehand but I learned a lot in books and from practitioners) and from a process point of view. I also had luck to have good tools at disposition from my father :slight_smile:

Here they are :


I have been planing to build my own bed for months now(not full-time obviously), I feels slightly less insane now.
It will probably be build within a month or so (barring unexpected traveling).

Very proud of this one I designed and made myself :smile:

Ordered the wood from a local saw mill and they charged me like a tourist grrr 150 CHF but at least I enjoyed working on it for a couple of weeks (20 minutes here and there).


what a nice design :slight_smile:


When I started working from home, I decided to get a standing desk. But I didn’t want to spend thousands of francs on a desk, so I bought a variable-width frame in, and built the tabletop myself using wood bought at Coop. I also added a microcontroller with some custom software, which means that I can control the height of the desk remotely, and it can remind me when I’ve been too long in the same position with a gentle movement. Here’s a short video I took after finishing it.


Ikea has launched a few years ago. Really affordable standing desk.
One of the best investment

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Yeah, definitely. This was just before Ikea launched their desk :stuck_out_tongue:
Mine was 100.- more expensive, but has the added benefit that I can make it wider if I change to another house, only by making another tabletop for it (and also the chance to do some IoT tinkering).

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