Degiro from Swiss to Europe

Hi everybody. I have a question about Degiro:
If i open an account as a swiss investor i can only deposit chf, right? what happen if in the future i move away in Europe and i earn just euros? can i change easily to an european account of Degiro or i have to open a new one and transfer my portfolio there?
Thank you in advance…and sorry for my ignorance, im new in this world :slight_smile:

You can open as many degiro accounts as you want, at least this is not a problem.

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You deposit in Euros.
Where does it say that you can only deposit CHF?

Edit: the help section says so. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And you can’t change base currency.

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I have talked with DEGIRO about that in the past and the support told me you would have to open a new account and actually pay for the transfers between the accounts if you are using automated transfers. It seems like all their regions are entirely separated.

It’s actually the same if you want to change from Custody to Basic, you have to open a new account and transfer everything with fees… This is pretty stupid.

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so finally in this case Interactive Brokers would be a better option i guess…

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For people planning to move, I think IB is better indeed.


I recently closed my Swiss Degiro account and opened a German one, even when I live in Switzerland.
I didn’t have many positions to move, so that was a minor point.

Reason was that this way i can buy VWCE at Xetra for free, have no exchange connection fees and no dividend costs with my custody account. I convert the CHF to EUR at IB.


If you already exchange money at IB, why not use IB to buy your ETFs? You could have access to better ETFs and save on dividend taxes.

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I do, for the most part, buy those (VT). But I like to keep a small part at Degiro too.

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