DeGiro Free ETFs changed

I got a message yesterday saying that DeGiro has changed their free ETF choice.

They also limited the number of free trades (if I understood that correctly, which I don’t care about because I hardly ever trade more than once per month).

VWRL is still free (Distributing), they now also have the accumulating one, which I think was not there before.

Here’s the current list:

Unfortunately I could not find a list of old vs new. Not very customer friendly.

Check if your Free ETF of choice is still free.

Die aktualisierte Liste ist am 15. April in Kraft getreten
Die in der alten Liste, aber nicht in der neuen Liste enthaltenen ETFs bleiben bis zum 14. Mai provisionsfrei.”

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Yes, a bit confusing from Degiro, could have been done better.

Luckily I found a discussion on reddit where someone did go through the old and new lists and created a spreadsheet with which ETFs remain (74), which ones are removed (126) and which ones are added (also 126):


By the way, someone also pointed out in this reddit thread that the iShares 3-fund portfolio (IWDA, EMIM, IUSN) is now 100% commission-free, which might be an alternative strategy to VWCE (the Accumulating version of VWRL).

From what I see it did not change.


Yes I also noted. And it also includes all small caps.

But “iShares Core MSCI World” have a ridiculous TER of 0.2% vs. 0.12% of VEVE and SPDR® MSCI World IE00BFY0GT14.

VFEM is also free and can be used to complement VEVE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, if you want to buy them “for free”, you can only do it in EUR. But you cannot deposit Euro to So to have it really “free” I would open an account with or .ie if you need English.

Don’t you have to be a resident of Germany or Ireland to open an account in .de ?

If the answer to the previous question is “No” do you know if you can have multiple accounts ?

Is there any taxation implication / need to file taxes in Germany by having an account in .de ?

You need to chill a bit. 0.2% might not be be the lowest but is far from “ridiculous”.

…if only that “ridiculously expensive” iShares Core MSCI World hadn’t edged out VEVE since the latter’s inception.

(it’s give or take a tie between these two though, depending on the exact timeframe chosen)

Tax consequences are generally not determined by their web site’s country domain.
AFAIK you’re opening with the same Dutch entity in both cases. You did check with whom you’re opening an account (that you’re going to transfer thousands to), didn’t you?

I wonder if anyone has spotted any bond ETFs in the new free ETFs of DEGIRO which could be interesting for a Mustachian? I still have VUTY (IE00BZ163M45 VANGUARD USDTRBOND) but might consider something else for my next year’s IPS if there is now a better “free” alternative…

I did not express myself well. 0.2% TER is not expensive, but I find the situation ridiculous if you compare this level of TER with other ETFs.

From what I understand, US large and mid cap stocks are cheapest to hold, then it is developed large and mid cap, then small cap and emerging markets. You can clearly see it with TER levels of US Vanguard ETFs for example. What do we have here:

iShares MSCI ACWI IE00B6R52259: TER 0.2%
iShares Core MSCI EM IMI IE00BKM4GZ66: TER 0.18%
iShares Core MSCI World IE00B4L5Y983 : TER 0.2%.
Why? Shouldn’t it be lower? I think so. So it is overpriced.
Do they keep TER at this level because people buy it anyway? I guess so.
Because it is free to buy on Degiro and probably somewhere else? Maybe.

Same situation:
Vanguard FTSE Developed World IE00BKX55T58: TER 0.12%
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets IE00B3VVMM84: TER 0.22%

Vanguard FTSE All-World IE00B3RBWM25: 0.22%
Why not 0.14%? Isn’t it like 88% Developed World?
Because it is free to buy on Degiro and people buy it anyway?
And why 2nd and 3rd are free at Degiro and first not?

From what I saw, you just need a bank account in EFTA.

I don’t remember well but I saw someone on instagram doing the math. Comparing the cost between a non-free and a free commission ETF on Degiro. The free had the higher TER and because of it, the non-free ETF was less ‘expensive’ in a long term perspective.

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