Degiro Auto FX and which Bond to choose?

Hello everyone

I’dlike to get your help on two topics:

  1. I have a Degiro Account and buy in the moment Monthly for about 2000CHF worth of VWRL at the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange.

Now since Degiro uppered the fee for currency exchange to 0.25% it got expensive to buy the VWRL over Euronext Amsterdam. (In total its 0.5 if i am fire because I have to convert it back to CHF later)

Now i thought about buying VWRL over the Swiss Stock Exchange. To only downturn is that the spreads are higher. But it’s still way less then the 0.5% vor currency exchange.

Do I miss something here? Higher taxes, currency risks or something like that?

  1. I want to change my asset allocation as follows:

70% VWRL / Vanguard FTSE Allworld Distributing CHF

20% Bond traded in CHF / Is it smart to hold it in CHF? I’ve read something about currency hedging but didn’t got the point :slight_smile:

10% SMIM / UBS ETF Distributing (30 middle sized companies) CHF

I want to choose a Bond that keeps a high value when the market’s crash, so I can rebalance during a downturn. I thought about a G7 Bond?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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