Declaring children's bank accounts

Last year I’ve opened bank account for my son. Anyone knows how it has to be declared to the tax authorities? Should I just add it to my tax declaration or should I fill separate declaration for him (I hope not). BTW - he is 13 years old.

Side question :wink: for people declaring their taxes in Vaud. How did you declare your transport and meals costs deduction for 2020? So far I was thinking of just cutting the number of days by 4 (so 60), as the lockdown came in the middle of March and after that I had to go the to office only a few times.

Until they do their own tax declaration you have to add them to yours. At least until 16 you basically own the money as children don‘t have power over bank accounts.

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Cool, will do that, thanks!

In my personal case I count every day I’ve worked in 2020, it is a bit boring, but at least I have a “correct” number for the tax office. However, I think that you can put whatever you want except the maximum of 240 days of work to the tax autority :slight_smile: if you are a “office worker”.

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I think it‘s 220 max.

VaudTax2020 shows 240 as maximum. Last year I’ve used this value and it worked fine.

In Vaud it is 240, I used it last year without problem. Maybe from Canton to Canton is different ?

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