Declare stock trading / tax advisor Geneva

Hello fellow stock pickers,

Last year i had like 600+ transactions (buy/sell). So I guess I will be taxed as professional investor.

I need to list every single transaction? This seems a massive work…

Anyone recommends a tax advisor in Geneva?

Can’t your broker report? Swissquote offers this (at a cost)

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Yes, but it’s not a Swiss broker (Interactive Brokers) so from what I understand, it’s not in the “swiss format” and I can’t use it.

Am I wrong? Wonder if a fiduciare can issue a report based on IB report… I will probably book a meeting with one.

I would be happy to know the price :slight_smile:

You mean with Swissquote you don’t need to type/write things into the regular DA-1/Wertschriftsverzeichnis form, but just a doc from them is sufficient for submission?

I included the activity summary from IBKR in my Geneva tax return. If they request more details I will provide them. Similar approach was accepted by them for other non Swiss brokers in the past

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For da-1 I believe used the official USA 1042 form available in IBKR which shows total US dividends and tax withheld across all shares. I just entered the total in DA-1 without breakdown by share


I’m not a tax advisor, but I’m not under the impression that the number of transactions is the primary criteria for professional trading. They rather look at the holding period (<6 months), the yearly turnover (>5x), leverage, derivatives, comparison of profits against main salary, etc, at least according to the Kreisschreiben.

In fact, it already happened that some people were classified as professional traders with only one single transaction.

With a Swiss broker, the certificate shared with the tax office contains by default all transactions, so it’s worth its fee.


I hope so. Otherwise CHF 100.- were a bit of a rip-off

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