DA-1 Refund: when

just a quick question to all the Zurcher out here. Did you get your DA-1 Return already? I got them last year around march, but now I didn’t get any info yet. Should I be worried?

Also waiting for mine. But I guess you will have to wait a little bit more: In 2021, I received my DA1 Refund decision (rejected) 3 months after I received the “Schlussrechnung”.

I haven’t received anything yet either. Last year I got it end of May. In both years I filed the tax declaration in February.

Filed 2021 in September 2022, got the DA-1 return in March 2023 or so. Guess it takes some time.

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No refund here either, waiting since March.

They send the refund after processing the taxes (unlike a few years ago).

I just got my federal tax assessment back for 2022, so I expect to get DA-1 in a few months now.

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This doesn’t match my experience for the previous year (tax year 2021). I got the refund in May 2022 while I didn’t get the final tax assessment until January 2023. I guess they have multiple processing steps (depending on your tax declaration) and the timing will also depend on the municipality.

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Got the letter last week.