DA-1 - How much VT to exceed minimum of CHF 100

I guess they’re talking about Bloomberg - Are you a robot? In short Vanguard managed to make their mutual fund behave like ETFs by linking them together (ETFs do not have capital gains internally since they only do in-kind redemption).

Honestly I don’t see that going away, if the IRS closes it people will just move to the ETF version.

Edit: and the patent expires next year so there won’t be anything special about it by the point.

Edit2: and even if the ETF were to have taxable gain distribution, those wouldn’t be taxed for swiss investors (after ictax gets the right data, it does differentiate between type of distributions).

Dividend yields on the broad US stock market (VTI, S&P 500, MSCI USA) are more like 1.3 these days.

I wouldn‘t say the tax/cost advantage of VT over VWRL is zero - but it’s small.

Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable having all eggs in that basket.

I don’t get this comment tbh. An ETF is not “one basket” Vanguard is THE biggest wealth management company in a highly regulated market segment… Also ETFs hold the underlying assets meaning that even if Vanguard goes bankrupt, you get the NAV cashed out.
That’s like people saying I don’t invest in stocks only, because of … basket… Like there are 10K+ Stocks to buy… That’s not “one basket”.

Having all assets in one fund, brokerage account and jurisdiction.

I‘m not talking about the fund‘s holdings or composition.


I see, that makes more sense.