DA-1 form and IB

Despite reading a lot of posts on the forum and the blog, it remains unclear what the process is for the DA-1 with IB. Reading on the blog, it seems every dividend and buy/sell must be input manually in VaudTax. I called the tax department (Vaud) in order to have some answers. They told me it is better to upload directly a statement from the broker instead of filling everytjing manually (as I saw on the blog post), they even stated that it would be too time consumming. The guy told me this report exsit in IB as he saw many already, but couldn’t tell me the exact name.

In tax report I found :

  • The form 1042-S : You hav here the gross income + the tax rate + tax witheld

  • For the rest I found this post

This method seems great, didi it work ? I like that there is no securities listed and everything is grouped in one line. But what to do next ? Where/How do you input htis in Vaud Tax ?

Do you also put here only “Interactive Brokers US stock” ?

Thanks you.

If it can help you: