Cyber security with online brokers

I just want to forward an extremely interesting thread from MMM:

my personal conclusion from it is, besides all the obvious (latest updates, rules on passwords, …)

  • create a non-admin user on my computer that is exclusive for accessing the online broker
  • create an email account exclusively for the broker, with Two factor authentication
  • set up your broker account with 2 factor authentication

keep a hard copy, not a digital copy of the usernames & passwords

keep your stash safe!


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Thanks for sharing the article. Another advice I’ve found useful after reading it:

  • Keep paper & digital copies of your broker statements should their database be deleted/corrupted (intentionally or not) and impossible to recover.

A lot of banks only keep statement for a limited time on their ebanking platform. Never forget to download all your statements.

I would also advise to set up notifications by email or SMS.

I just got on the phone that CornerTrader is working on 2-Factor-Authentification, and the want to release it within the next 3 months. If they do, I’ll probably open my account there.