Custody accounts in different currencies

Hi everyone, I have been trying to find an answer to what I would think is a common issue for many but couldnt find something so far.
I live in Swizerland and want to invest in stocks and ETFs which are in different currencies e.g. EUR, CHF and USD.
I already have money in all these 3 currencies so I want to avoid converting them to a nominal currency i.e. CHF and then back to USD.
I know about Revolut and Transferwise but I was thinking if there is any broker which offers custody accounts in different currencies so I can just transfer money to them and use each of those accounts to trade to the different stock exchanges…

Thanks a lot!

Interactive brokers does (as well as very cheap FX).

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Any bank will offer you current accounts in many currencies (although foreign currency accounts cost a fee usually), as well as Swissquote & Postfinance (free “accounts” for all currencies) all fulfill your “requirements”.
From.these accounts you trade in currency you have.
IB too.