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Hi there,

Great tonne here. I read the articles on “Le Temps” and decided to check it out.

I’m a 28 years old guy from Neuchâtel and who just settled down in Zurich with my girlfriend.

I made a point to have a look and a concersation with whomever I find deciding to live a different life.

I quit my job on accounting to travel un 2016, during this tile I started a business and kinda became a digital Nomad. I lived in Medellin for a while and just found my crew, people deciding to live differently.

Now, i am a marketing consultant and have others entrepreneurial projects.

I dont consider myself frugal but am big into minimalism.

I have 0 plans to retire but like to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Buy less, consume quality and locally and live meaningfully.

For example i own 10-12 days worth of clothing, but i bought quality and try to look and feel good.

I am Big into creating your own life and take different paths.

Happy to chat


Hey! I totally share your approach to minimalism. I try to be frugal, but not to the extreme. I also own like 2 weeks of clothes, which fits in a small cabinet. When I buy something, I want to make sure I will be satisfied with it. Whenever I can spend a little more money, but simplify something and save time, I do it.

My girlfriend tends to get on my nerves, because she owns so many shoes and scarves and likes to decorate the flat with tens of small items, and yes, it looks cozy, but at the same time it is a distraction. The same goes for bathroom, I have a toothbrush and shaving kit, she has like 100 bottles of stuff.


Hi both,

@Bojack I guess my girlfriend is the spiritual clone of your girlfriend… I feel you :smiley:


dump her! :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, what do you both mean with “2 weeks of clothes” ? Do you change your underwear twice per day? once per week? How many shirt?

I remember having heard about Mary Kondo (or something like that) and I believe it could be a bit too much on the extremist side. Does she own just a single dish and only onen fork? What happens if something simple breaks? Is she throwing it away and buying a new one?

Btw I’m also a minimalist, but I don’t have rules.

They mean that after 2 weeks they wait in front of the washing machine with the curtain of the shower around the belly. :slight_smile:
I also think that our lives are far too complicated. I managed to travel around the world by bicycle having only 7kg of stuff to live and was able to sleep outdoor, cook and travel by myself.

2 weeks worth of clothes, it means I will decide in advance of a basic wardrobe that needs to suit my lifestyle, is practical and makes me look “good”.

In my case, I picked basics that pair well together. And a rule is that every piece of basics should be wearable with all the other pieces.


4 v-neck black t-shirts
3 v-neck white t-shirts
1 squared long-sleeves shirt
1 white long sleeves shirt
1-2 plain color sweater
1-2 pair of dark jeans
1-2 pair of chinos
1 leather jacket
1 down jacket
1 winter coat
2 pairs of sneakers
1 pair of boots
1 pair of brown leather nice shoes
1 navy suit
1 pair of sunglasses
1 tie
1 hat
1 pair of trail shoes (for all my outdoor activities)
sport clothes (depending on the sport you practice)

ANd I think I wrote them all.
It does 2 things for me. I learned some basics of fashion and by sticking to these basics that fit me well, I’m usually pretty decently dressed.
I don’t have to think about it
It creates a positive constraint (I made a rule, I do’t buy more).

I have for example +/-15 identical pairs of socks. Hate to get socks for Christmas, because then they don’t match :smiley: . I wash my clothes every 2 weeks and sure, I have a few spare pieces, but if I don’t wear something for more than a month, then it’s a sign to get rid of it.

Also own only 2 pairs of shoes: sports & everything else.


+1 on the socks ! :blush:
I have the same apprach, the other vantage is that when they get a hole (which happens quite regularly) I can throw the fault one and immediately pair the “orphan”… :joy:

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That`s one way to get rid of all your summer/winter clothes :wink:

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