COVID-19 impact on real estate market

Fellow mustachians,
I would like to get you thoughts on the impact on COVID-19 in real estate market. If the economy is going to be in a recession, would we see correction in prices? Currently I feel the market in ZH is too expensive and would be ripe for a correction if the economic uncertainty persists over the rest of the year.

Commercial real estate prices (shops and restaurant, maybe not offices) will decrease. Rent were already decreasing before that.

On housing real estate, the main thing that will drive the price down is the fact that they built (and still are building) too much is some areas (in some part of canton Fribourg for example). The mortgage rate are going a bit up now, (allegedely because of COVID-19) so it should drive the prices down but it is too small to have a real impact I guess.

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The price of real estate is also a question I ask myself since the beginning of the crisis. It is difficult to predict but I expect that the difficult financial situation could force some society to sell in a difficult market which can cause some buying opportunity. Be ready to make some arbitrage here with the cash you did not invest in the stock market.

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