Couple of questions about stocks/ETFs in tax declaration

I own VWRL both traded in EUR and CHF. It has the same ISIN, so is it considered the same fund in the tax declaration? Can I just declare the total number of both or do I list them separately?

Also I own multiple of the same shares but in two different accounts (employee participation stock that is currently locked). Same here, do I list them separately or together?

I’m in ZH, if that makes a difference.
I did not find anything online, probably because I don’t know what terms to search for.

Thanks for your help!

Same fund. If in doubt, check their ISIN number.

Edit: doesn’t matter how you list them, IMO. I would list them separately for my convenience. Edit: this is referring to VWRL only!

Yes, you can declare them as a single position as they have the same ISIN. There is also only one entry per ISIN in ICTax.

BTW: Your broker may be able to consolidate the positions if you want to simplify your broker statements going forward. This wouldn’t require any trading but the broker may still charge a fee for this.

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there’s a box Mitarbeiteraktien. check that in both.
there’s a box Gesperrt/locked. check that for the locked ones. there’ll be a reduced value used for these, when calculating your “Vermögen”.