Costs for the management of securities held as private assets

I just filled my taxes for this year and one interesting deduction I saw was the “Costs for the management of securities held as private assets” (Kosten für die Verwaltung von Wertschriften des Privatvermögens).

  1. According to Weisung des kantonalen Steueramtes über die Abzugsfähigkeit der Kosten für die Verwaltung von Wertschriften des Privatvermögens | Kanton Zürich, fees for managing (but not buying) our ETFs should fall under this, right? So Swissquote customers can deduct their 200/year.

  2. The interesting part is the flax rate (3‰ max of 6k) they allow. This is for each 100k of ETFs 300 Swiss francs. Because of the flax rate, no proof is necessary. Do you think this can be declared even if you have a low cost broker like IBKR? Because they do manage my assets, it’s just free. Or is that illegal?

Yes, I did it several times and I trade through IB.

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Doesn’t the tax software do this automatically? My canton’s deducted it for me without me doing anything.


No, didn’t do it for me. But good to know it’s automatic in other cantons :slight_smile:

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It is one of standard deductions. You just click it and it gets deducted, no questions asked.

I don’t think this can be deducted in Kanton of Bern, I tried once and it was taken away:

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Okay thanks @Dr.PI, then I’ll do that next year.