Converting EUR (Swiss bank) -> CHF

I am 25 yo returning to Switzerland (moved out when I was 4 yo :baby: )
I found this forum today and I love it, it is very useful!

At start i will be spending some of my savings that I have in EUR in swiss bank. So I am searching the best way to convert EUR from swiss bank-> CHF

I did research on forum and it seems that the best way to do so is: (to avoid fee from bank)

Transfer EUR from swiss bank -> TransferWise Card -> Revolut

Do you know better option?

Is there a difference if I have Revolut account opened in other country? I see that if I would like to transfer CHF via bank on Revolut I can choose only GB IBAN

I am sorry for introducing myself so generally, I will post detailed introduction later! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I would think that you can directly transfer from your EUR bank account to Revolut. I would test it before because there may be some fees since it’s SWIFT. But there should only be a flat fee not a percentage fee.

Yes, there is a difference in where you open your Revolut account from. If you do not open it from Switzerland, you will not have a CH IBAN and will not be able to transfer CH for free from your bank account. And if it’s not in Switzerland, it is probably not possible either to use your Swiss credit card to top it up for free.

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Check if you bank’s EUR account have free SEPA transfers. If yes, you can transfer your EUR directly to Revolut. Check Revolut’s app to see how.

Don’t transfer all your money at once.

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@thepoorswiss @ma0 Thank you, that’s realy helpful!

As I checked SEPA transfers are free in my bank :star_struck: I will now contact Revolut to open account in Switzerland and close the other one.

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