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Anyone knows what’s the license of the content of this forum? The disclaimer doesn’t say anything, so I suppose the content belong to the person who write it. I just wonder if it’s freely copiable or not.

I’m not stealing content. I just took notes of some basic info and was wondering if it’s easier to just copy and paste.
It’s personal so I shouldn’t worry, but I thought I might put it on github instead.

Good question! I’m currently updating the guidelines and ToS to include this.
In short: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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Applying to new posts only, I guess?

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Didn’t think about it. Would that be an issue for older posts?

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Thx for the hint. Please PM for deletion of all your posts.

Yes, I don’t know the details required, but I can imagine that a retroactive change without agreement from the content owner could be an issue.

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Actually I will take some time to think through it, and keep the whole thing as “author remains owner, and can be asked for authorization if others want to re-use its content”.

Anyone reading this: consider it the current status quo.


@ma0 decision taken, content license is and will remain as follow:

Who is allowed to republish the content posted on this forum?

  1. Only the author
  2. Anyone who got the written authorization by the author

All details in the ToS => Terms of Service - Mustachian Post Community



I think it’s legal. But anyway my goal isn’t to play with those terms often (boriiing!) to harms users of the forum, so we should be fine :slight_smile:

Do you have Swiss law know-how? If yes I’d pleased to exchange via PM if you got some time.

In preparation.

Can you explain the litigation with a competitive FI blogger with an example, I’m curious.

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Wow, this passage is ridiculous and for sure not valid. If it stays like this I will also leave and take my (few) posts with me.

@Sandro would you be fine if this passage changes towards “Any change (aside from spelling or grammatical corrections) will be announced on this thread.” ?

In my opinion changes should be announced in a “push” way and it should be clear what was changed. So I think E-Mail would be a good way.

Otherwise every user has to poll and diff by themselves on a regular basis. To me that doesn’t make sense.

Also I very highly doubt that the passage is valid according to Swiss law. If you assume access to the website means consent to the terms, how could they be viewed without accessing the website?

While I don’t expect radical changes that I would not accept, to me that passage still shows a mindset I don’t like. The idea that you can just change whatever you like and it is automatically accepted by accessing the website, without any prior notice and expecting the users to poll for changes themselves is ridiculous in my opinion.

So, long story short, I would welcome an E-Mail highlighting changes (if it’s not just spelling or grammar). The E-Mail should be sent some days before the new terms take effect.

The gold solution would probably be to show changes to the users when they
access the site and let them accept the changes. But if there’s no support for this in the software, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to implement this.

Personally I can also live with an announcement in this thread. But I wonder it works that way in Swiss law. Maybe a lawyer can chime in (@Yanikuza aren’t you a lawyer?).

This might be interesting (but seems to be targeted for e-commerce):

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Thanks for your message @Sandro.
Indeed, emails could be a way, although I’d feel it spammy to send an email to all users.

So, if you can live with an announcement highlighting the change, then we are set.

Moreover, as said, I don’t plan to touch this content anytime soon hopefully! :wink:


Sounds good to me, thank you!