[COFFEE] Do we really have to add [COFFEE] for posts in the Coffee section?

… if it’s in the coffee section I guess it’s already clear, no? It just takes a lot of space and makes titles less readable.

Yes, because I don’t even know what the section is when looking at threads.


I am fine without it, but there seems to have been a consensus to add these tags.

The section is visible right below the title in the main view and also when a thread is open.

Also people who do not wish to read Coffee section at all can mute the whole section and won’t see anything.

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Yes, You do have to put this tag in the title.

  • Most people don’t set the correct category when they create a topic.
  • I want to make it obvious to participants that if they wish to participate to the thread, they should not expect quality financial information content.
  • The category icon is too small to make this obvious
  • If you expect so many [Coffee] threads that they make the forum will become unreadable, that means that the low-quality content is too high and we should get rid of it for good.