[COFFEE] Bar brawl about the climate change


Fortunately, not all humans chicken away from reality.
unfortuanately, the other fraction carries the weight of those that do chicken away. But that’s just how it is.

however if it was not for those people that actually care, humanity would not have had a chance to mostly ban weapons of mass destruction, fix the ozone layer, coordinate on a world wide scale to drastically reduce the human suffering from wars, reduce famine and poverty, and many more feats of showcasing the best of humanity. And actually throwing itself against the coming climate catastrophe.

If it was not for those, we would be outright doomed and without hope & belief for a great future.

Despite those trolls with life motto “i dont give a f*ck about anything but myself” annoying me, I still believe every single effort matters. how else could I motivate policy makers to improve things? buy not giving a f*ck?

people will always find petty excuses on why they are entitled to prevent the next generation to live the same lifestyle.

I despise this, but i moved on. I do feel I do owe this personal effort to all those that lose their habitat (and suffer in any other ways) because I contribute to their problem. It will be my problem soon, too.