Claim back VAT when border patrol is empty

Hi all,

I’d like to take advantage of the community one additional time: Sometimes I do shopping abroad, but when I want to claim the VAT back, there’s no one at the border (coming in by car). How do I need to proceed to get that stamp so that I can send the form in to Global Blue & co?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Where are you located?

You can get the stamp later on if you bring the receipt and the marchandise. I’ve done that conveniently at Geneva Cornavin train station.

Also, more and more tax-free forms are electronic (PABLO system in France for example) and you can just validate your claim through a kiosk. Most of the time no human intervention is needed.

The stamps u get at the border, nowhere else, so obly chance is to go (back) to the border when they are open. If u are going back another day take care that they don’t suspect u already left the country with the goods a few days before, else they will stamp your form … with a big fat red stamp “ungültig”.

Not my experience at the French border in Geneva station. They just wanted the merchandise to be there to be sure that it didn’t stay in France. But they were fine with bringing it later on.

French agents are also unlikely to have an “ungültig” stamp though.

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