Choice of a tax consulting firm between Assetial & Bcd Financial

For simple setups (salaried employee, not fancy investments), the learning curve for tax declaration is doable. I also get funny vibes from the companies’ website and wouldn’t have chosen them for the tax advisory.

My partner moved to Switzerland a while ago and used a tax advisor the first year. She still filled out the online forms but obviously, the tax advisor pointed to the usual deductions and gaps her info. That advice saved time and was thus worth the money in the first year. Since then, no advisor was necessary. When I moved here and we started investing, we had to figure out the DA-1 and list of securities. But that’s also something you can figure out with the help of Google, blogs and this forum.

Cheers, Johnny


I asked, my employer pay around 160-170 CHF per employee(who uses their service) for both companies…

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