CHF accounts with best interest rates

Valiant 1.5 % for up to a year, up to 250k.
Max withdrawal 10k.

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  • Automatische Umwandlung in ein Lila Sparkonto (Zinsstufe 4) per 01.03.2024
  • Rückzüge: CHF 10 000.00 pro Jahr frei, darüber frühestens kündbar auf 1. März 2024 mit einer Kündigungsfrist von sechs Monaten. Beispiel: Sofern die Kündigung per 31.08.2023 erfolgt, kann das Guthaben per 01.03.2024 bezogen werden. Bei Verletzung der Rückzugsbedingungen wird eine Kommission von 2 % belastet.

Hmm, without me, I want to be able to move my money everytime I want without charge and other “stupid” conditions.

Then after one year, you have their “Lila Spartkonto” with their 0.4% and with their limitation too.

But at least, they make an effort with their stunning 1.5%.

Which bank offers the highest interest rates without strict rules (e.g withdrawal notice period ≤ 1month)?

LUKB has 0.75%, but you need a privat account (2 / 3 CHF per month).
Zuger KB has 0.65%, private account needed as well (free for “Konto fix” package).

I don’t think you need a private account for LuKB savings. Just give them a call.

Hi there,

I am thinking about this one, but giving the fact that FED interest rates are likely close to the end, dollar will likely drop its value but I think it will still give you a posisitve i% when coverted back to CHF.

Any other view?



1.8% on the wir saving plus account for one year. Free account.
Withdawal to be announced 6month before it seems. Cash has to come from another bank.


Up to 20’000 CHF it’s for free and at any time. Above 20’000 CHF.
Could be an option for a tax account as the tax offices do not give out any interests.

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It’s not the type of the account where you have to be their “investor”, right?

I wonder if it is possible to open without a checking account and as a joint account.

Yes, just had a call with them, you do not need any shares from them and it’s possible to only have the savings account and no checking account. Not sure about joint account, but they were very helpful and you can open the account directly by phone, so I’d ask them.


did you ask which savings account type (standard or ‘bonus’) the money goes after the fixed period? website just states:

‘Auch nach Ablauf der Frist erwirtschaftet Ihr Guthaben auf einem speziellen, hochverzinsten Sparkonto weiterhin gute Erträge.’

No, I assumed that you can choose because of the “Wir beraten Sie zum gegebenen Zeitpunkt gerne über Ihre Möglichkeiten.”. But let’s see what the contract states. I guess the alternative is just to announce the withdrawal 6 month before the end of the bonus period. Then you can do whatever you want with the money.

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Just had them on the Phone. After one year the money stays on the same bank account… The interets rate will have to be redetermined by then but are now announced at 0.6% after 31.03.24


yep - generally don’t like such limited time offerings. but in this case it’s basically a 6-12m corp bond with less liquidity but more safety (triple a for 100k) for me, gonna cancel it afterwards.


From 1.5 Postfinance raise their rates for the savings account:
0.70% up to CHF 50,000
0.25% over CHF 50,000
previously it was:
0.40% up to CHF 25,000
0.00% over CHF 25,000

Let the battle begins :slight_smile:
Maybe we should post here all the new rates of all banks and change the title?


Best offer I found is LUKB with 0.8% for the first 100k.

Valiant offers 1.5% for funds transferred from other banks to them, but the money is blocked for 12 months. And the rate thereafter unknown…

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Thanks for the info about Valiant. However, I didn’t find the restriction that the money is blocked for 12 months? Is this hidden somewhere in the terms? Only I see that there is a notice period of 6 months for amounts above CHF 10’000.
What I’m also wondering (without checking the terms): Is there a fee for closing the account…?

a) it says: frühestens kündbar auf 1. März 2024 (i.e. when the better rate ends)

b) no termination fee

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glkb ‘gamifies’ the whole topic of saving accounts, fixed deposits and medium-term notes with :slight_smile: as for most such existing and upcoming campaigns, the good rates are for new money only.

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Can’t find easily their rates, are they better than Cembra’s?

10k per year without a cancellation notice is hardcore.

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