CHF accounts with best interest rates

Yuh offers 0.50% interest for up to 100k CHF, EUR and USD, each currency separately. Best interest rate offer so far :rofl:


Sparkasse Bundespersonal gives you 1% right now. :slight_smile:

But you need to be working for a federal government entity oder have worked for one in the past and opened the account than.


Well, looks like the time had come to compare interest rates on (more or less) liquid CHF deposits. Until now YUH had the best offer from my point of view. Anyone else is there to beat it?

I was also looking at money market funds for CHF. There are no ETFs I guess and I have seen some funds from UBS etc. With TER of 0.15% or so it wasn’t so interesting so far.

It’s weird that Coop Depositenkasse did not update their now low 0.2%.

I’m checking Darlehenkassen as well, I’ve seen 1-1.2.5% on some, but most need memberships.

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WIR bank wil bring interest rates to 1.2% on their bonus account from 01.01.23 (0.35% base rate, +0.35% if you add min Frs 5000.-- in the year, +0.50% if you own minimum 25 stammanteile (parts ordinaires)).
If I remember correctly you loose on interests (all of the interests ?) if you withdraw cash

Interest rates are rising up to 0.65%.

Comparison from Moneyland

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When looking at this numbers I guess one has also to consider the DepotgebĂĽhren. E.g. Yuh has lower interest but no DepotgebĂĽhren.

I parked the amount due for taxes on Yuh since I get 0.5% interest and have only to pay a “penalty” of 0.25% for paying taxes late in ZH.

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Also among the best savings accounts in the first year is Bank Cler’s Savings Account Plus, where in addition to the interest rate of 0.3 percent, there is a one-time new money bonus in the amount of 1 percent for newly deposited funds into the account.

Hmm. Does anyone know if it is possible to open this account standalone, without a current account? Same question if it is possible to open as a joint account? I suppose yes.

You need to take into the marginal tax rate though.


Indeed. I moved my nest egg to SKB. :slight_smile:

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What is the difference between dividend and interest rate taxation in CH?
If I understand correctly both are added to taxable income, where we lose 15% WHT on US dividends, while deposit interest 35% WHT (if CH deposit) is later credited to tax bill?

The 15% Withholding tax on US dividends can be obtained back via DA-1 but only if these are US products and with W-8BEN (to not have 30%). Otherwise it is lost.

The 15% Additional Swiss withholding tax required from Swiss brokers can be obtained back via RUS (for US products with a Swiss broker).

The 35% Swiss withholding tax is fully deducted from the tax bill in the same “declaration year” (it used to be delayed). This only applies with Swiss products and not for those taxed at source (before 2021 it used to be recoverable for taxed at source as well).

In my understanding there is no difference between dividends and interests at least for the 35% WHT.

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Zak just sent out a newsletter to inform that Zak clients have access to “Saving Account Plus” free of charge. Must be requested separately and comes with an access to Bank Cler e-banking (the account is not shown in Zak).



I have seen that Bank Cler is heavily promoting its new savings account plus, with a 1% bonus rate for 1 year (which translate into 1.3% at current conditions).

I could understand it’s up to 250k but the conditions for withdrawal are unclear to me. Let’s say in a year I want to take money out because the bonus disappears: How long do I need to wait and how much can i withdraw ? I found it unclear, 20k ? 50k ? all ?right after 1year or 180 days after ?
What do you think of this offer ?

I’d suggest to drop them a line.

I was once also evaluating on of their accounts and couldn’t figure it out either. So I sent them an e-mail. Their answer was, let’s say, significantly more clear than the product description.

The offer is good.

50k per calendar year without an announcement, otherwise any amount with 6 months announcement.

But the bonus is removed if you withdraw more than 20k in the bonus period or make an announcement to withdraw in less than 6 months after the bonus period. So you can withdraw 20k during the bonus period and another 30k next 6 months.


The offer and conditions ate pretty clear :

It took me less than 15 seconds to find the info.
With a minimum of perseverance, you would have also found all the information directly on the website :wink: .

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Well, that’s the point actually. Don’t look at advertisement blablabla, but at actual documented conditions :grin:.


Sorry but I think it’s poorly written and not clear:
Let’s say I open an account with 50k (that’s the maximum one can withdraw without penalty) today.
For 1 year (or until end of this fiscal year, i’m not sure), I will receive 0.3% (that floats) + 1% bonus.
Assume I dont withdraw anything. Why would I need to wait 180 days after the end of that bonus period to be able to withdraw the 50k if I already received the bonus when I received 650k of interest at year end.

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Agreed, (intentionally?) not well written