CHF accounts with best interest rates: discussion

Agree, but I think it is nice that there are no fees and it is pretty flexible (only 31 days for withdrawal), so ideal for parking liquidity short-term. Other fixed income instruments like MMFs, bonds, or medium-term notes have either high fees (deposit fees and for trading) or are not that flexible.

Same here, I was looking for a solution for company treasury and this was the best I found so far (besides maybe CHF MMF on IBKR). I have not heard anything about this bank previously, but their financial fundamentals look pretty solid.

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In my case roughly 1M, sometimes more, sometimes less.


10 chf doesn’t seem that expensive for MMF (5 chf each way with IB), and it’s liquid.

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Yeah that is the thing I am considering, not sure if it is ultimately worth it, as you can get ~1.3% “risk-free” (short term deposits at cantonal banks with state insurance), so that would be 4.5k more per year for a higher risk (although it is still very small)

The IB fee is fine, I meant the MMF TER. They are around 0.1% for most MMF, which is pretty significant (almost 6% of the yield for a YTM of 1.7%).

Do you have an ISIN for IB, regarding the MMF you recommend?
Today I had a look on a iShares ultra short term bond with 0.06% TER.

Short guide to CHF fixed income options has a nice overview over the different options. I guess the best one depends on your risk profile.

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0.1% sounds ok, what do you think the margin of the bank on savings accounts are? (my guess is that it’s more than that).

Pretty sure if you’re bringing a million in deposits you can negotiate to get the SARON rate wrapped on the entirety of that million, not just the last 900k

For most saving accounts I assume so, too. Probably in a similar range to the mortgage margins (0.6% - 0.8%, maybe 0.4% if a bank is very competitive / wants to bring in new customers)

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I am a bit disappointed that they kept the same withdrawal conditions.

Not sure if it’s been posted already, but Credit Suisse is offering 1.5% on a Savings Account Plus. Max 50k, then standard rates (0.75 % I think). Withdrawal limit 50k per year, above that 3 months notice. Money must come from other banks (not CS or UBS). Offer seems to end Sept 29th.

I have an account and got a pop-up advertising this, not sure if it’s available for new customers too. I called to confirm that it’s not part of a package with obligations or other strings attached (e.g. credit card with monthly fee). It is legit and I opened one. Interest rate is locked for 1yr then they’ll see.

Does it mean CS hasn’t updated their webpage yet (link)? According to it, CSX savings account gives 0.75%, and only CSX savings account Platinum gives 1.5%. However, I haven’t found information if Platinium means that it comes in some packet with other paid bank services. Do you have any insight?

As CSX user, I see it linked in the app as a banner. Offer is until Sep 29th and to get it, you have to call their at a published phone number. I guess normal account signup would work but seems to be phone only.

Yes this offer is different from Platinum, but I think the offer pops up only to account holders and it is opened by phone only. Although a non-user could try to call and ask.

CSX Platinum fact sheet lists the credit cards in the package, with some quite high fees, I would think you are bound to order one but I am not sure, I don’t use that account type.

Starting from October Yuh offers 1% interest on unlimited deposits, just got a info in the app.

That’s also how I understood it. I would generally not recommend Bank Cler, they closed my account for compliance reasons and did not even inform me about that (only found out because my login no longer worked, support did not even know the reason when I called them). Reviews in the internet are also horrible.

I just saw that Alpian now pays 1.5%, starting from the first franc:
One of the best offerings in my opinion, as this is a normal account that you can use for payments.

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Yeah was pretty weird, was related to some crypto withdrawals, I provided detailed explanations about the source of funds (including the tx hashes), but they closed the account nevertheless.

Oh yes that is a pity, but for a normal account still pretty good.

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Oh the Alpian marketing people seem to be employing dumb forum spam tactics. This user has just registered to post this message, and there was a very similar message posted to EF today, where another newly registered user came telling the same lies about 1.5% interest, and giving the promo code (albeit different) the user allegedly saw on yet another resource.


Same for Viac, no? Special offer only for <50k

Sorry, was replying to an old post of yours, see below. A lil out of context :smile:

Same goes for the Viac offer, just a sticker rate, no?

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