Checkings account with API access?

Dear fellow Mustachians
Is anyone aware of a bank that allows me, the customer, to interact with it on an automated/ programmbale way? I.e. fetch bank statements like with IB’s flex query?

I am looking for a swiss checkings account where i can fetch my transactions on a daily basis, for reporting purpose.

I just found Concepts - API Reference - PostFinance E-Payment , but i could not yet find whether I (non-business customer) can use it.

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I do not know if I understand you correctly, but I work as follows with Postfinance:

  • Manual download customizable xml file (select timeframe etc.)
  • import xml in Banana accounting software (my tool for reporting and tracking expenses)
  • allocation (Kontierung) of the single transactions with according number codes

Zkb has an api, normally it’s for businesses but I asked them and the set it up for my private account. It’s free and works very well

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