Cashing out 2nd pillar or 3rd pillar to pay back mortgage

I am talking about renting out not selling.

But also if you sell. Why would you want to pay it to that PK if you dont work there anymore? (Its not a debt, its actually your money)

I assumed it is a debt to the PK - thought it would be interesting to see the actual legal mechanism (I never went through this process before).

In CH, they will find out because your registered address (new) won’t match the address for which the loan was withdrawal was made.

The rule is that withdrawal is for primary residence. It is very clear. So I would suggest not to assume that there are no checks and balances.

Having said that, I think there might be some genuine cases where people might have to change residence after making a purchase. For example new job or other life changing circumstances. It cannot be that person gets locked down to their house simply because they look early withdrawal.

I ask sure there are some regulations about it and you should check with your pension fund or tax office.

They are not locked down, they just have to repay.

But yes, one woman challenged the PK in court and won.

What I was thinking is that let’s say I buy the house. And after 2-3 years I need to relocate to US for work assignment. There must be a provision to let me rent the house out.

You can pay it to the FreizĂŒgigkeitsstiftung. Are they likely to demand it from you? No.

It is communicated from one pension fund to another.
Will the new pension care and demand to pay it back. Unlikely but not impossible.

Well, there is an exception if you are unable to live there, but not sure what that means in practice.

I knew of divorce cases where one party didn’t want to live in the house any more but wasn’t allowed to rent it out.