Cash account on IBKR

Hi, MP friends!

I’m hoping this community can help me out with questions regarding IBKR.

I started by wiring 10600 chf to my cash account. Once its cleared, on Aug 10, I converted CHF to USD directly on the IBKR app. And in the same session, I used it to buy 109 units of VT. Now I have 1 chf and 18 usd left on the cash balance. Trade reports show my two orders were settled on Aug 12.

I’m aware that I paid 2.30 chf fee for converting and 1 usd for buying VT.

Now my unrealized profits show: 73 but on the main portfolio page for 7D, it says I’m -24 and I’ve been observing the exLiq and buy power: the number keeps decreasing. For example, from 18.26 to 18.10 on Aug 13.

I’m confused as I’m new to IBKR. Is the number fluctuating normal because of USD securities with CHF as base currency? Or am I being charged for something? Like negative interest? Can someone explain whether I have to worry about these decreasing numbers? Do I have to transfer more chf to the account because I only have 1 chf left and they may liquidate my positions? Thank you so much.

If it is correct that you still have 1CHF and 18 USD, you are not paying any interest

Ok, so why not a margin account?

You are not borrowing anything, so no reason to liquidate your positions.

Run Activity report to see details.

Change to tiered pricing.

Should be rather 1.8 CHF / 2 USD.

In case of the cash account it means cash.

When USDCHF went down?

From what I understand, with a cash account you have to wait 2 days before currency conversion get booked.

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Yes, I thought it could be the currency fluctuation but I just wanted make sure that’s the case cuz I’m new to IBKR and I read here someone was on margin by mistake. And cuz the rate just kept going down whenever I saw it, I guess.

I looked at the report again. The conversion fee was 1.84 so close to what you suggested. I just remembered when I previewed before converting, it said 2.30 on fee.

I’m ok with riding the ups and downs but just wanna be sure I didn’t mess up on the first day. Currently, everything is in “green” again.

Now I’ll just go back to not checking so no panicking lol

Thank you for all your help!

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