Cases of "is it really worth bothering?"

i know some questinos are a bit ridiculous because of the low amounts of money involved, nevertheless the true mustachian looks at every penny saved. Please post your questions and considerations that you dare not to post elsewhere here :smiley:

I start:
I got a motorbike insurence from baloise for CHF 71p.a. (on a 30% rating) for my 500cc oldtimer Honda from 1983, which is great. it is the absolute lowest i could find, before it was CHF 120. Now the insurance called me and offered

  • Reduction of the Selbstbehalt (Franchise) from 500 to zero for additional CHF 1.9 p.a.
  • “one claim per year without raising the rating” - policy for additional CHF 4.5 p.a.

On the one hand i consider myself a particular aware and defensive driver, on the other hand i rarely travel more than 2000km per year with it.

how would you decide and/ or motivate a desicion?

I so far think

  1. i want to go lowerst possible
  2. i have a far-below-average probability to cause damage claims
  3. every additional frank I spend is a better deal for them than for me (as they probably make money with it)
  4. CHF 6.40 p.a. is really below what i should bother and just take it for the sake of financial safety

It is penny pinching but the question shows the way the insurance company is working.
One important information you forgot to mention (and probably are not aware about) is that the insurance company can cancel the contract each time you have a claim.

The probability you have to make a claim is probably less than 1 over 250 so the insurance wins.

You can be sure that if you have a claim the first year and another one the next year then the contract will be cancelled and you will have difficulties to get a new contract even in another company as you will be asked if a company cancelled the contract after a claim.

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